Best Time For Exterior Painting

“Is fall a good time to paint or should I wait until spring,” you might wonder. The best time for exterior painting may be either fall or later in the spring when temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime are limited. If you’re looking for the longest lasting paint job, spend some time looking at the weather patterns for extreme heat, humidity and projected drops in temperature. If you are getting your house professionally painted

If the surface is not totally dry, paint should definitely not be applied. We all know that paint will not stick to a wet surface well but extreme humidity can be just as damaging to a paint job as rain! To be safe always wait at least a day, or even two, after it rains. Surfaces may feel dry but may not actually have released all the moisture yet. If there has been a rain, or rain is on its way, often that can mean humidity…and don’t forget about dew! We at Dave Burlette Painting in Hendersonville, NC will take all these things into consideration for you when you hire us for your next paint job.

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