Interior vs. Exterior Painting in Winter

A great way to spruce up your home interior or exterior is with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes all it takes is a new pop of color to make a formerly tired home feel updated. If you are looking at a total repaint, the timeframe can seem overwhelming. We suggest breaking up your painting into exterior and interior jobs so that you can focus on tackling one space at a time. The next question to tackle is where to start. During the winter months in the mountains temperatures can vary from 60 to below freezing in a matter of hours. Water-based exterior paint requires certain conditions for it to cure properly. If the paint is not applied in the correct conditions, the paint will not last as long and can lead to a necessary repainting job sooner than anticipated. There are times when a painter is forced to hold off on finishing a job due to inclement weather conditions.

We would suggest to our customers that if you are deciding between embarking on an exterior or interior job this time of year, to choose interior. At Burlett Painting before the painting process begins, our customer will meet with one of our highly skilled Dave Burlett Painting project managers. This Manager can work either with you or an interior designer to talk about your vision for the room. Perhaps you’re looking for an accent wall, a painted ceiling or even have intricate molding that requires painting, no matter what your project manager is ready to tackle the task! Once we’re ready to paint you can trust that your items will be protected. We securely cover all furniture and floors so that we leave your home better than we found it.

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