How Long Will My Paint Last?

Painting is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update your home. If done correctly, your paint job should last quite awhile. However, there are a few important factors for getting the most out of your paint job.

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure you are buying a high quality paint. Cheaper paints often run or require several coats. The added time and amount of product can cause the cost to add up quickly.

Another factor for long-lasting results is using a primer. Some better  quality paints will include a primer in the paint. Primer will result in a high-coverage more uniform look. 

Fixing wall damage is key to a nice, even paint job. Taking the time to have cracks or imperfections fixed before painting will definitely make a difference. From nail holes to uneven areas, we can achieve the even look you want. 

So, how long before I need to paint again, you might ask? It depends. You can normally count on a good 10 years, but it really depends on your lifestyle. Animals, children, or even entertaining can affect the longevity of your paint job. And don’t forget about trends and your own personal taste! If you tire of a color, or feel the color you chose before has become outdated, it may be time to call your friendly Dave Burlett painters again! We will be happy to give you a new estimate. 

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