Should You Paint or Hire a Painter?

When you start thinking about refreshing your surroundings, you might ask yourself if it’s worth it to hire a painter. After all, it isn’t rocket science…dip a brush in paint and apply, right? Painting seems easy enough in theory, but there are many reasons to hire a professional.

Most painting jobs require the use of a ladder. While we all know how to use a ladder, painters use nearly them every day. Balancing and painting at the same time becomes second nature to them. It only takes one fall, or one paint spill, to ruin a project and cause major problems.
Although you might save a few dollars going the DIY route, don’t forget about all of the time you’ll be spending on this project. If you’re doing it yourself, or even as a couple, it can take you weeks to paint the whole house at a few hours each day. We are all busy enough as it is.
As professionals, painters know things that you might not be aware of. Do you know when to use a roller and when to choose a brush? Latex or oil-based? Should you use a primer? The Pros know.
A professional will probably have several people working on your house at any given time. Sometimes it may be fewer for the finishing touches, but having multiple people really reduces the time spent. Speed also comes from experience. Prep work alone can take many hours for an amateur.
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