Power Washing & Pressure Washing

Burlett Painting provides pressure washing and home exterior cleaning services for siding, driveways, sidewalks, decks, roofs, and more. Call now for a Free Estimate!

Power Washing - Vinyl Siding & Stucco

Sand, dirt, salt, or mildew can collect on stucco and vinyl siding. This buildup not only causes costly repairs or replacements to your building, it also makes any repainting prone to premature failure. However, these damaging particles can be removed without excessive water pressure. At Dave Burlett Painting, we use pressure-sensitive equipment, along with contractor-grade cleaners to gently remove the dirt.

Cleaning Decks and Pressure Washing

Wood can be damaged by using too much water pressure or chemicals. Our deck cleaning professionals determine the correct amount of pressure and cleaner solution for the type, age, and condition of your wood. Once the cleaning process is finished, we neutralize the deck and prepare the wood to be sealed. A contractor-grade sealer is then applied after the wood dries to the proper moisture level.

Concrete Cleaning and Brick Power Washing

A great way to improve the value of your building and increase curb appeal is to have your driveway or parking area cleaned with our pressure washing services. Most people don’t realize how dirty their driveways, patios, and sidewalks are until cleaned. People are amazed by the results. Irrigation rust stains can also be removed from your concrete or patio surface.

Mold, dirt, and mildew can collect on bricks and should be cleaned regularly. There are many types of bricks on the market, some are more fragile than others. Our trained staff can adjust to the correct pressure to meet these needs.

Gutter Cleaning Services

In order to keep your gutters from getting clogged and causing drainage problems, they should be cleaned every spring and fall. At Burlett Painting, our staff will clean out all of your gutters, including down spouts. While we are servicing your gutters it may be a good time to have your roof cleaned as well.

Low-Pressure Roof Washing

The north side of roofs typically have more shade, and the algae that grows there loves to feed on the material used in various types of shingles. With asphalt shingles, unattractive black streaks can be caused by rain water extending the algae further down the roof. We can remove the algae, using contractor-grade cleaners, along with a low-pressure wash which will make your roof look new again.