Should I Use Oil or Latex Paint?

When choosing between oil or latex paint, ask yourself (1) is convenience or durability most important to me, and (2) what surface am I painting. Check out the chart below to see which paint suits your project best.

 Oil  Latex
  • more durable
  • smoother application
  • one coat goes a long way
  • ideal for trim, since trim takes more abuse than walls or ceilings
  • dries more quickly
  • ideal for walls and ceilings
  • cleans away easily with soap and water
  • dries slower
  • heavy fumes
  • clean with turpentine or paint thinner
  • more likely to crack over time
  • less durable
 Surfaces to use on
  • windows
  • doors
  • trim
  • metal
  • plaster & drywall
  • siding (wood, fiber cement, aluminum)
  • stucco
  • porch floors

There are also many other factors that can determine which paint is best for a project. If that’s not a can of worms you want to untangle, give us a call!

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