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How many coats of paint will I need!

More is not always better and less might not be either. See some examples below but ask a professional to determine what’s best!

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Press tape with a putty knife

Nothing is more discouraging when you’ve finished painting than to peel tape off the woodwork and discover the paint bled through. To avoid the pain-in-the-neck chore of scraping off the paint, do a thorough job of adhering the tape before you start. Continue reading

Choosing the right paint sheen!

A paint’s finish, or “sheen” refers to the surface texture the paint creates as well as how much light bounces off of the painted surface.

When in doubt, an “eggshell” finish is always a safe bet. It has a soft, washable look that works well in living rooms, family rooms and hallways. Eggshell finishes are low gloss, but more reflective than flat sheen’s. Eggshell also is more easily cleaned that a flat finish and is more durable.

No need to sweat over which sheen to use, call us, let us sweat for you!

What should I do with my dirty roof?


What should I do if my roof is holding up but it’s picked up discoloration from mold and mildew? ┬áLike this cottage we are working on today… No-Pressure Roof Cleaning is your answer. For a fraction of the cost to replace, our trained professionals can make your roof look so good your neighbors will think it was replaced. Each job is unique, so call us today. ┬áLet our experienced professionals guide you through the process.