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Is Pressure Washing Necessary?

Pressure washing is very beneficial to your home when it comes to preserving your investment. Pressure washing can remove mold, mildew and dirt to insure that the surfaces are thoroughly prepped to accept the paint we will be applying to your house. As professionals, we recommend that you let us do this service. This is due to the heights and angles…but also because we know the correct pressure, attachments and methods to use. Using the right power washing attachments ensures that water is applied at an even pressure on every surface. At Dave Burlett Painting, we use pressure-sensitive equipment, along with contractor-grade cleaners to gently remove the dirt.

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Trending Paint Colors in 2019

Know you need a change but don’t know what colors to paint inside? It can feel a little overwhelming. There are no hard and fast rules on choosing colors but if you need a little inspiration, these might help. Here are the most popular colors of 2019.

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Best Time For Exterior Painting

“Is fall a good time to paint or should I wait until spring,” you might wonder. The best time for exterior painting may be either fall or later in the spring when temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime are limited. If you’re looking for the longest lasting paint job, spend some time looking at the weather patterns for extreme heat, humidity and projected drops in temperature. If you are getting your house professionally painted

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4 Popular Types of Faux Finish Painting

Faux finish painting offers a cost-effective way to add dimension and depth to any living space in your house. There are dozens and dozens of different faux finish styles, but here are four very popular techniques of today: Continue reading

To Paint or Stain Your Interior Stairs?

When it comes to updating your interior home, painting or staining your stairs can go a long way, especially if you’re removing old carpeting. But which option makes the most sense for your decor—to paint, or to stain? Continue reading

How To Paint Your Trim

Painting your trim might seem like a no-brainer, but because of its small surface area and material, extra care should be taken. Continue reading

How To Prepare Your Trim For Painting

Painting trim in your house is obviously a much more delicate task compared to painting your walls. But don’t worry! The most important part of the process is preparation, and as long you do that correctly, painting your trim will be a piece of cake. Continue reading

How To Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

Fall is only a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to keep your gutters clean! Of course, keeping up on your gutter maintenance saves you from long hours of unclogging troughs and downspouts in the future. But from a serious preventative standpoint, keeping your gutters clean helps prevent pest infestation and water damage to your home’s foundation. Continue reading

Exterior Home Painting Tips for Fall

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How Power Washing Keeps You and Your Home Healthy

You might think that power washing your home exterior is mostly a luxury. Why bother with renting a machine or hiring out a professional when good old-fashioned hand-scrubbing will do just fine? Well, you’d be surprised by how much of a difference power washing makes in the long run for both the health of your family and your home. Continue reading