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Trending Paint Colors in 2019

Know you need a change but don’t know what colors to paint inside? It can feel a little overwhelming. There are no hard and fast rules on choosing colors but if you need a little inspiration, these might help. Here are the most popular colors of 2019.

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Best Time For Exterior Painting

“Is fall a good time to paint or should I wait until spring,” you might wonder. The best time for exterior painting may be either fall or later in the spring when temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime are limited. If you’re looking for the longest lasting paint job, spend some time looking at the weather patterns for extreme heat, humidity and projected drops in temperature. If you are getting your house professionally painted

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Should I Buy My Own Paint

You’ve made the decision. It’s time to paint your home! You’ve done your research, decided what colors and sheen you would like for your walls or exterior siding. You run out to the local home improvement store, and pick up the amount of paint you believe you’ll need. Now, all you need is a professional to apply the paint for you. While it sounds like you’re ahead of the game in getting your project started, there are a variety of reasons why buying your own paint prior to hiring a professional painting contractor is not always the best idea.

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Exterior House Paint: How Winter Affects It

Your home’s exterior paint is its first line of defense against winter’s harsh effects. Ice, snow, cold rains—your exterior paint job can take a serious beating. Continue reading

Interior Wall Painting in the Wintertime

Interior wall painting in the wintertime seems a pretty practical decision, right? It’s too cold to paint anything outside (or even go outside, for that matter), so people often opt to get some work done indoors. And that’s definitely the right idea—with a catch. Continue reading