What to Look for in a Painter

It’s warm, you are thinking of entertaining and cookouts and you want your house to look great for your visitors and for your family. You’ve made the decision to hire a professional to complete the work. but you have yet to determine who can best do the job. 

Here are some things to consider when doing your research for a local painter.

Do they appear trustworthy? Your painter will be all around and possibly in your house, depending on the project. You don’t want to let just anyone in your personal space.  Check reviews or references. Consider meeting your painter first and getting a feel for their personality.

Is the team dependable? How much time will they devote to the project per day? Will they leave a clean area?Will they complete the entire project on time? These are some questions you can ask before you make your decision..

How much experience do they have? Experience makes a huge difference in the painting world. With experience comes skill, dependability and the ability to get a painting project done correctly. 

How much will it cost? This is of high importance to many homeowners.  But don’t put your sole focus on it. Focusing on the lowest price, however, can lead to a poor paint job. I novice can paint at a cheaper rate but it may take much more time to complete. It can also mean cheap materials that can lead to a sketchy job. 

Choosing the right painter is important! After all, it’s a mini relationship! 

Since first opening our doors over 30 years ago, Dave Burlett’s Painting has grown into one of North Carolina’s most respected companies. Dave Burlett Painting has successfully completed a variety of projects to include many commercial and business buildings, as well as private residences across the Carolinas.

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